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Cosmetic Transformations

Renewed confidence to face and enjoy the world

Cosmetic Transformations specializes in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation procedures which are waterproof, smear proof and can liberate you from the daily hassle of applying conventional makeup.

Most importantly, these procedures will give you renewed confidence to face and enjoy the world.

Our highly trained and experienced micropigmentation specialist, Kyla Gutsche, is committed to giving you a fabulous artistic result as well as ensuring that the highest safety standards are met and that the equipment and pigments used are the safest available.


We implant the pigments into the skin itself, producing natural-looking results

Micropigmentation is a sophisticated form of tattooing that can accentuate and define the eyes, brows and lips, and can also dramatically improve the appearance of scars, vitiligo, and features lost due to illness, trauma or surgery.

Micropigmentation procedures implant the pigment into the reticular layer of the dermis (approximately 0.05 mm to 2.0 mm), whereas traditional tattooing goes significantly deeper.

In our society, which places increasing importance on one’s appearance, more and more women and men are opting for cosmetic and medical micropigmentation procedures. Whereas conventional cosmetics sit on top of the skin and can look waxy or shiny, micropigmentation procedures implant the pigments into the skin itself, producing more natural looking and more permanent results.

Micropigmentation lasts between three to five years after application—or even longer with periodic maintenance or ‘touch up’ appointments.

Procedures range from 250 to 2,500 dollars, according to their complexity. This may seem costly, but is in fact economical when considered in relation to the money and time that would be spent be on conventional cosmetics over a three to five year time period. And for individuals who are disfigured due to trauma, surgery or the effects of illness, the ability of these procedures to dramatically improve the skin’s appearance are nothing less than a miracle.

Kyla Corinne Gutsche – Founder

Kyla is extremely knowledgeable about pigments and their safety

Kyla C. Gutsche is the founder of Cosmetic Transformations.  In addition to exceptional empathy and discretion, Kyla has amazing artistic talent that sets her apart from other specialists.  Kyla actually began her career as an Oxford-trained university professor in the fields of chemistry and the visual arts, but was motivated to change her path by her own experiences with micropigmentation procedures following cancer treatments.

Kyla wanted to combine her artistic talents with the best techniques and materials possible in order to help other people look and feel their best.

In order to do this, Kyla has undertaken advanced micropigmentation training in both Canada and Europe, studying with the most respected and experienced specialists.  Kyla has additionally trained with plastic surgeons in Vancouver and London and is highly skilled in medical micropigmentation and tattooing, including the minimization of scarring and vitiligo, as well as areola re-pigmentation and naturalistic nipple restoration tattooing following surgical nipple reconstruction.

With her exceptional knowledge of chemistry, Kyla is also extremely knowledgable about pigments and their safety, and co-developed an award winning pigment dispersant that enables the technician to layer pigments in the skin, creating luminous, 3d effects.

She works alongside respected reconstructive surgeons and is considered the global leader in the field of restorative tattooing and scar camouflage.

Kyla’s Portfolio

“I am committed to giving you the best artistic result as well as ensuring that the highest hygienic standards are met and that the pigments used are the best and safest available.”

Dr. Reid Chambers—Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Apprenticeship Academy Professor

Dr Reid Chambers is a board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who works alongside Kyla and her team at the Medical Arts Clinic in Peterborough.  

Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, he moved to Ottawa for a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery after completing medical school at the University of British Columbia. 

After Residency he undertook a fellowship year at The Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto sub-specializing in Craniofacial surgery – mainly dealing with facial reconstruction following accidents, as well as complex nasal reconstruction and aesthetic facial plastic surgery.  This also included time at the Odette Cancer Center where there was a focus on facial and peripheral skin cancer removal with complex reconstruction. 

Dr. Chambers’ practice includes craniofacial trauma, breast surgery, TOP surgery for trans-gendered patients, as well as skin cancer ablation with reconstruction among over things.  He also offers a complete range of Aesthetic services including facial and body procedures with a special interest in rhinoplasty. 

In addition to working in Canada, he has completed two international missions, one to Uganda for burn reconstruction in pediatric patient and another to Kiev Ukraine with the Canadian Ukranian Foundation to perform reconstruction on solders at the military hospital. 

Recently, he has started working at our Apprenticeship Academy as a professor who helps apprentices understand the different degrees of scarring, and how to recognize when to tattoo—and when not to tattoo.  The advice he gives regarding the science and medical aspects of tattooing is a valuable resource to the Apprenticeship Academy.

To book a consultation for a plastic or reconstructive surgery with Dr. Chambers, please contact his medical secretary, Lynn, at 705-876-9003 or via email at kawarthaplasticsurgery@gmail.com

Mina Monsef – Senior Apprentice and Client Care Liaison

Creating a space for clients to feel welcomed and at ease

Mina has a varied background in the spa industry, healthcare administration, and health care; and has experience assisting professional organizations in media relations.

Mina assists the team in optimizing client care, while creating a space for clients to feel welcomed and at ease during their visit.

Mina is also here to complete your bookings, accommodation requests of International clients, and those within North America or travelling within Canada from afar.

Mina’s Portfolio

Christel Scott – Associate Medical and Cosmetic Micropigmentation Specialist

Original tattoos with timeless impact

After graduating from the Drawing and Painting program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Christel completed her apprenticeship at Way Cool Oakville.  She then went on to further her tattoo education at the Sauler Institute for Medical Micropigmentation in the United States, and finally came to Cosmetic Transformations where she underwent an extended apprenticeship with Kyla in medical and cosmetic tattooing.

Christel specializes in decorative tattoos on mastectomy mounds, and is also skilled in creating areola and nipple simulation tattoos.  Cosmetic tattooing also interests her, and she performs eyelash enhancements, eyeliner effects, lip simulations and lip-enhancement tattooing—ranging from barely-there lip liner to full lip colour.

Christel looks forward to each new challenge, creating original tattoos with timeless impact.  The subject matter with which she has the most experience is anything nature-related—from animals to plants.  She is also gifted with fine detail work and simple graphic imagery, such as symbols and text.

She was chosen by Kyla to work at Cosmetic Transformations due to her diligence and tenacity in how she approaches tattooing, and particularly for her kind and caring attitude with clients.

Christel’s portfolio

Karen Craven – Associate Cosmetic and Medical Micropigmentation Specialist, (Saskatchewan and Western Canada)

After twenty-four years in the mining laboratory and safety industries, Karen Craven came to us to re-train to become a cosmetic and medical micropigmentation specialist.

Karen quickly proved herself to be a leader and passionate promoter of safety, as well as displaying a diligent attitude towards the artistry and technique needed to create amazing tattoos.

Her knowledge of mathematics and anatomy help her recreate features that have been lost or damaged due to trauma, illness or the aging process and her kindness and empathy endear her to her clients.

Karen’s Portfolio

Jillian Morris – Cosmetic and Medical Micropigmentation Specialist, Halifax and the Maritimes

Jillian Morris, is a multi-disciplinary artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University with a focus in drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Jillian is currently concentrating her art practice through tattooing in Halifax, Nova Scotia at HFX Tattoo www.jdawntattoo.com. Her passion for tattooing was driven from her desire to make art for a living and be able to help and connect with people in the process. Her main objective is to render each client’s idea into a visual piece of art, that she can safely implant into the client’s skin. Jillian is best known decorative work through her simplistic and minimal interpretations of line through representations of both plant and animal imagery.

Jillian has been given the amazing opportunity to work alongside Kyla to hone her skills as a tattoo artist, by training in both cosmetic and restorative work. Jillian has found this type of work extremely rewarding as it not only involves her skill as an artist, but it truly makes a transformative difference in the life of the client.

Brandi Nelson – Medical Secretary

Brandi helps you feel welcome

Brandi helps you feel welcome and ensures that you receive compassionate customer service.

She, and the rest of our caring team, will help you feel welcome from the moment that you contact Cosmetic Transformations to following up and checking that your experiences were everything that you hoped for, and more.

Sarah Gibeault – Artist and Design Consultant

Combining her experience in healthcare with aesthetics to help others feel empowered

Sarah is a multidisciplinary artist and graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her work ranges from representational to abstract and she is gifted in drafting designs for client’s tattoos in collaboration with them and with Kyla. Her studio practice to date, has been composed of drawing, craft, painting, sound, sculpture and performance.

Gibeault has exhibited both locally and nationally. Most recently at Art Space, Peterborough in an exhibition entitled ‘Sometimes the story is obvious’ and at the Art Gallery of Peterborough a survey of her drawing work entitled ‘Two if by sea’.  Her works are included in private and public collections including The Art Gallery of Peterborough.

With her knowledge of fine art, and with several of her artworks in prestigious public galleries, Sarah has an interest in combining her experience in healthcare with aesthetics to help others feel empowered.

Sarah’s portfolio

Morgann Kirk – Cosmetic Artist and Design Consultant

You are in safe and dedicated hands

Morgann is an award-winning Camouflage and Make-Up Artist from the film industry who brings to Cosmetic Transformations her expertise.

For clients struggling with vitiligo and scarring from burns, surgery or trauma, Morgann can also teach them how to expertly and efficiently apply camouflage makeup to feel and look their best before having tattooing, or when they are contraindicated for medical camouflage tattooing.

Her kindness and perfectionism ensures that you are in safe and dedicated hands when undergoing your cosmetic, or medical, transformation.

For more information contact us or Morgann directly at https://www.instagram.com/morgannscosmeticarts/

Morgann’s portfolio

Morag Currin

Morag Currin is a highly sought-after esthetic educator with more than 23 years of spa industry experience and more than eight years of training and training management experience. She pioneered the only Oncology Esthetics® certification for spa professionals and has set the standard in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She also is the author of Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioner’s Guide (Allured Books, 2009) and Health Challenged Skin: The Estheticians’ Desk Reference (Allured Books, 2012). She travels around the globe with her training and expertise, helping to raise the bar in the spa industry and to open the door to all people, regardless of skin type or health condition. Going beyond the world of esthetics, Morag continues to reach out to those suffering from a variety of health challenges through Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW).

Taranta Lo – Life Skills and Dating Transformation Coach

She provides an exemplary level of care and compassionate service

At Cosmetic Transformations we Transform Appearances and Change Lives. Our byline sums up the ethos of the company, which is to help survivors of trauma or illness overcome their isolation and disfigurement and reintegrate into the community. Which is why we are proud to welcome the newest member to the team, Taranto Lo, our Life Skills and Dating Transformation Coach.

Taranta is a passionate dating and relationship coach. Why is she working with a tattoo company you might ask? There are a lot of emotional scars that come with trauma or illness. Psychological studies have shown that when someone feels that they look better they actually will feel better. Therefore helping people look better is intrinsically tied to helping them feel better, and the cosmetic and medical tattooing we do is only part of the equation of helping our clients look and feel their best.

Taranta will work closely and confidentially with you to enhance life skills and dating strategies. She expertly coaches clients through the confusion and complexities of modern dating to determine their needs and to improve their dating confidence.

Taranta’s specialties are mid-life dating and dating after a major trauma, illness or separation. Going through a major life change and having to start dating again is daunting, frustrating and downright scary, and dating has drastically changed from 10 years ago! Taranta will guide you through the in’s and out’s of dating – from mobile apps, style consultations to first dates, reading the signs, flirting and beyond. Like all of the team at Cosmetic Transformations, Taranta is dedicated to changing lives for the better. Her clients gain self-confidence and enjoy dating again.

Taranta is based out of North York, Toronto, and, in many cases, can travel to you. Contact Taranta today. Phone: 647-608-7800. Find out more.

Cosmetic Transformations helps address all aspects of what may be affecting your self confidence. Our team will help restore your features and your confidence again—so that you feel well enough to engage with others again and make true connections.

“Our job is to treat you like a relative–if you were our sister or brother we’d want what is best for you, and want you to be treated with the utmost respect and discretion.”

Our Dedication to Safety

The team observes all of the precautions necessary to ensure your safety

Because micropigmentation is a form of tattooing and is semi-invasive, proper sterilization procedures and personal protection equipment and clothing are necessary. Rest assured that Kyla is thoroughly knowledgeable about bloodborne pathogen and cross-contamination prevention, having been highly trained by the most esteemed micropigmentation specialists and plastic surgeons, and she observes all of the precautions necessary to ensure your safety.

Our Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

You should demand the best available equipment

When you are contemplating a micropigmentation procedure, you should demand the best available equipment – equipment that meets the highest safety standards and that will cause the least amount of pain and trauma to your skin.

Kyla uses the Nouveau Contour Intelligent machine (Medical Edition), internationally recognized as the most sophisticated micropigmentation device available. The Intelligent’s central processing unit consistently calculates the optimal needle frequency (speed) and depth needed to achieve maximum pigment implantation and retention, whatever the skin type or structure. Additionally, The Intelligent has more power than any other rotary device.

The result is cleaner, more predictable results than those obtained from traditional rotary machines – and significantly less pain during the procedure.

Tests have shown that the structure of traditional tattoo machines causes a small but real risk of fluid cross-contamination due to the possible backflow of liquids and circulation of contaminated air within the hand piece. The Nouveau Contour patented Safety needle system (US-Pat . #6,505,630 and #6,345,553) eliminates this risk by completely isolating the handpiece and needle unit from each other by means of internal diaphragms. The needle and its casing tube form a single use disposable cartridge, and each cartridge is packed separately in a class 100.000 clean room and sterilized using EO gas.

Our Pigments Are The Safest Available

Kyla knows what it means to feel self-conscious and disfigured

Cosmetic Transformations is committed to client safety and uses the safest pigments available which have undergone significant human trials confirmed by histologies and have a 20-year history of zero allergic response.

Not using toxic pigments should be important to anyone in the tattoo industry but it holds special meaning for Kyla.

This is because her decision to specialize in micropigmentation was a result of her having lost her eyebrows after chemotherapy and then having the further misfortune of having pigments implanted into her skin which were later found to be hazardous by the FDA.

Parts of her eyebrows and upper lip had to be surgically removed due to the severe granuloma tissue that had reacted to the unsafe pigments implanted in her skin.

Kyla knows what it means to feel self-conscious and disfigured and has created a safe and inclusive place for people to come following trauma, illness or surgery to be restored with pigments that will not set you back in your journey.

This traumatic experience galvanized Kyla to utilize her chemistry and arts backgrounds to extensively research the tattoo industry as well as the pigments used in tattoo and micropigmentation procedures.

“Being committed to the management of client safety and not wanting anyone to go through the type of experience I went through, I have avoided using pigment ingredients that are known for inducing skin intolerance and photo sensitivity.  My chosen manufacturer of pigments has acquired over two decades of experience in the field of safe pigments for the tattoo industry.”

Unlike most pigments on the market, our pigments have undergone controlled clinical development by a leading plastic surgeon and been certified to the international reference standard for medical device manufacturers, EN [ISO] 13485/2003.

In addition, each of the pigments is allocated a lot number which is carried through the complete manufacturing process, ensuring complete traceability and consistent quality.

Our Logo

She chose the butterfly because of its associations with transformation

When choosing a logo for Cosmetic Transformations, Kyla wanted something that not only helped you remember the company name but which also embodied the ethos of the company.

She chose the butterfly because of its associations with transformation, particularly the idea of becoming a more beautiful version of oneself.

The particular butterfly that was chosen― the Morpho Menelaus ― reflects Kyla’s commitment to safe, natural pigments. This is because the structural colouration of these butterflies is inspiring nanotechnology research to produce paints that do not use toxic pigments.

The wings of a Morpho butterfly are some of the most brilliant structures in nature, and yet they contain no blue pigment—they harness the physics of light at the nanoscale. Learn more about these butterflies and structural colour vs pigment colour:

Blue morpho butterfly” by Gregory Phillips is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Kyla’s Titian Wash™ Technique

Allowing the light to refract and reflect back to the viewer

Following Kyla’s cancer treatments and experiencing restorative tattooing herself, she saw a need for innovation in the industry.

Conventional pigments are rather limited–their large particle size and shape created a lot of  ‘scatter,’ resulting in very bold, opaque effects in the skin.

Kyla helped co develop a dispersant for tattoo pigments and a corresponding tattooing technique called Titian Wash after the famed Venetian Renaissance painter Tiziano Vecellio (commonly known as Titian)

The dispersant enables the formation of glazes and the technique enables the technician to layer the glazes in the skin.

The resulting effects cause minimal scatter, allowing light to refract and reflect through the separated out particles and back to the viewer—in the way that Titian was able to capture on canvas.

If we look at Titian’s Venus holding a Mirror from 1555, we can actually see the lower layers of greenish glazes shining through the top rosy and beige layers.

“What light manages to pass through or between the particles is ultimately absorbed or reflected by those underlying layers; and then the light gains a second opportunity to interact with the pigment particles before making its way towards the viewer.  This complex interplay of light within the pigment/dispersant–suspension creates the particular sense of glow that is one of the prized attributes of glazes.  And it is what makes Titian’s work so evocative.  This luminous quality is what I strive to emulate in my work” – Kyla C Gutsche

The National Gallery in Washington—where this painting now resides—did a fantastic short video on this painting and Titian’s glazing techniques.  The video in particular succinctly illustrates why glazing is superior to other artistic approaches and how this particular painting can be linked to areolar and breast tattooing, and to empowerment over one’s body:


Here is a short excerpt on the science of how glazes defect and diffract light, creating a more luminous effect:


“I’ve always felt that her expression is one of awe and pride as she looks at herself in the mirror–and it is the very gaze that I’ve seen on the faces of so many of my clients over the years as they gaze upon their freshly tattooed skin for the first time” — Kyla C Gutsche