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Top Floor Medical Arts Clinic (suite 301), 272 Charlotte Street, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, K9J 2V4
+1 705 931 5955

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Leading the Industry in Protecting Client Confidentiality and Personal Health Information Security

At Cosmetic Transformations we take security seriously. We work in a Medical Facility and when it comes to your personal health information and your personal photos, we’ve gone to lengths beyond others in the industry in creating a secure Booking Form and a secure Healing Tracker where our clients can submit information and photos in the most secure way possible.

The secure booking form helps Kyla assess whether you’re a candidate for the procedure you are wanting without you having to drive all the way to Peterborough for a consultation and allows her to gauge the best way to go about your procedure if you are a candidate so that she and you can decide your treatment plan before your arrival to our office.


The Healing Tracker enables Kyla and her team to be with you during every stage of the healing process, ensuring you get top level care that doesn’t stop when you leave our office.

Once you have had a procedure done you will be given a secret, secure link where you can submit photos of the areas during the days after your procedure(s). Kyla can then both advise you, and reassure you, which will give you peace of mind. You are never on your own during your transformation—we’re right by your side, every step of the way!