Hair Simulation

 If you have sparse or no eyebrows or eyelashes following illness, trauma or surgery, micropigmentation is an ideal solution. Kyla can simulate the appearance of ultra-fine hair strokes through the implantation of pigments into the skin. These procedures can make your features look complete again.

Kyla can use several colour combinations to simulate eyebrows, eyelashes or scalp hair.  The Hair Simulation technique can also be used to replace hair on the the beard, moustache or pubic region.

Kyla can infuse the pigment into the skin creating a series of minute points of colour coupled with feather-thin hair strokes to build up the appearance of hair wherever you have lost it.

Hair Simulation is not suitable for male pattern hair loss as the commitment and expense would make the procedures too difficult.  However, scars from brain surgery or hair transplants can be successfully and discreetly camouflaged with this technique.

Microbladed Eyebrows

Whereas eyebrow strokes and shading last around five years when the particles of colour are implanted with traditional coil and rotary machines, microblading offers an alternative that lasts 1-2 years before fading out.

Our microblade specialist, Morgann Kirk, has won awards for her work and in addition holds degrees in stage and camouflage makeup. Like Kyla, Morgann has worked with top television and film actors, yet chooses to treat everyone like a celebrity.

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