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Tattooing can be an empowering experience for people of all genders, including trans and non-binary communities. Tattoos can support those who are impacted by gender dysphoria. Cosmetic Transformations is committed to designing tattoos that promote confidence and a deeper connection to one’s body. The chest area can be transformed with tattoos that simulate nipple shape and size. Scars can be camouflaged with tattoos mimicking the surrounding skin tones to help the scarring be less noticeable, or scarring can be celebrated by highlighting them with decorative symbols or meaningful text.

Due to their sensitive nature and location, photos of scar camouflage on SRS scarring on genitals and the chest are available upon request.

Creative Work In Progress

Under Kyla’s direct supervision, our apprentice Christel is learning how to help disguise surgical scars incurred during gender transformation surgery.  The forearm scarring is a result of harvesting the skin to create a phallus.  As the scarring is quite extensive and some of the skin transparently thin, a half sleeve design was custom-made to hide as much of the scarring as possible and to highlight some of the ridges and grooves to make everything look as though it was intentionally supposed to look this way.

A second session is booked to add the shading that will help complete the transformation by further disguising the scarring and bring the design to life.

A third session will involve tattooing the surgically reconstructed phallus.  This will involve simulating Punic hair, veins, and capillaries to create a more translucent, vascular effect on the opaque surface of the surgical graft and scarring.

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