Cosmetic Tattoos: Restoring Confidence in Your Features

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Cosmetic Micropigmentation

Drawing on her extensive artistic background, Kyla can expertly enhance the eyes, eyebrows and lips through the precise placement of color in the skin.  Her specialty is extremely natural looking enhancements that are so subtle that people will notice a difference but will not be able to guess that the difference is due to a cosmetic tattoo.

A Brow Enhancement as well as Thick Eyeliner on the top and lower lashes have dramatically defined the eyes, and Barely-There Lip Liner helps create a more symmetrical appearance.

Full Lip Colour

Extending the Full Lip Procedure beyond the natural lip line gives the visual impression of more pronounced, younger looking lips.

In terms of the procedure, Kyla will help you identify the lip colours that complement the natural undertone of your skin and will guide you with her professional opinion but ultimately the colour and design choices will be yours.  Kyla will generally recommend that you select from lip colours that look natural with your skin colouring because you can always create a more dramatic effect by using a gloss or lipstick with a richer colour intensity on top of your enhanced lip colour.  But if you prefer a dramatic colour this can be achieved with optimal results.

Barely There Lip Liner

This procedure defines the natural lip contour by implanting a similar colour to your natural lips.  Kyla can make this enhancement discrete and visible only at close view.

Barely-There Lip Liner can be extended slightly beyond the natural lip contour to give better clarity and fullness to the lip.  The visual effect is complimented by shading that is blended into the natural colour of the lip, creating a soft, natural appearance.

Lip Scar Camouflage

From cold sores to injuries to surgical scarring, scars on the lip area can be very noticeable because of the juxtaposition between the white scarring and the darker mucosal tissue tones. We can expertly match the mucosal tones of your lips and either implant these tones into your scarring to blend the scarring into your natural lip tones; or; we can implant colours into your scarring and into your surrounding lip tissue to simulate a lipstick effect.

Lash Enhancement

This procedure involves placing dots of colour between the eyelash roots along the eyelash line to give the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes.  It is ideal for people who do not desire an eyeliner look but who want eyelash definition. 

Eyeliner Services

Thin or Dramatic

Eyeliner procedures help frame the eyes. The Thin Eyeliner service involves precisely implanting a fine line through the eyelashes, often with the eyeliner on the upper eyelid being applied a little darker than that on the lower eyelid.

The Dramatic Eyeliner service implants pigment in a progressively thicker line along the upper eyelid and outer eye. The eyeliner on the lower eyelid is shaded through the lash line and is applied a little thicker on the outer eye towards the ear. A delicate wing can be added, if desired.

Brow Enhancement

An Eyebrow Enhancement involves placing dots of colour among your own eyebrow hairs to give the impression of the softest shadow of colour, similar to the effect created with an eyebrow powder.  It is most suited to those who have eyebrows but want to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.  It is the ideal solution for people who have pale eyebrows as it creates a soft definition beneath the natural hair growth.

A Brow Enhancement can cover the bare patches that make eyebrows asymmetrical.  A more even and smooth eyebrow line gives the appearance of beautiful, balanced brows.

Hairstroke Brows

This procedure gives the impression of ultra fine hair strokes and is the solution for people who have sparse or no hair growth in the eyebrow region.  Using this technique Kyla can create the appearance of a 3-Dimensional eyebrow with natural colours that harmonize with the tones of your hair, skin and eyes.  Scars in the eyebrows can also be camouflaged with this procedure.

Pale complexions and fair eyebrow hair can also benefit from a more defined, elegant eyebrow shape that frames the eyes and balances facial features.

Microbladed Eyebrows

Whereas eyebrow strokes and shading last around five years when the particles of colour are implanted with traditional coil and rotary machines, microblading offers an alternative that lasts 1-2 years before fading out.

Our microblade specialist, Morgann Kirk, has won awards for her work and in addition holds degrees in stage and camouflage makeup. Like Kyla, Morgann has worked with top television and film actors, yet chooses to treat everyone like a celebrity.

Correction of Inferior Tattoos

Canada has few laws regulating semi-permanent cosmetics and permanent tattooing. The best way to obtain attractive, safely-applied semi-permanent cosmetics or permanent tattoos is to carefully select a qualified and experienced specialist. Unfortunately, many consumers choose a technician based on a low price or convenient location and later regret that choice. Although permanent makeup will fade over time, inferior work can be devastating. Fortunately, in many cases we can correct, or at least improve, the mistakes made by inferior technicians.

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