The below three photos show the transformation of one client over several years.

Using Kyla’s Titian WashTM technique and combining her microblading and traditional tattoo skills, Morgann can help you create your transformation in a two-session process.

For those clients happy after the first session, no further sessions are required until many years down the road when the same effect can be touched up, or, greater detail can be added and the shape can be tweaked to fit your lifestyle and your features as you age.

And should you lose hair due to over plucking, illness, or the aging process, Morgann can seamlessly simulate additional hair strokes without damaging your existing hair follicles.

At Cosmetic Transformations, you are always in the safest and most dedicated hands.

‘In cases where an inexperienced technician has microbladed or tattooed eyebrows unsatisfactorily (yielding patchy results or purplish or greyish undertones), we can re-tattoo the areas, creating optimal results. In this case, the first session corrected the shape, filled in patchy areas and corrected the colour tones; while the second session built on those foundations, creating a fuller eyebrow for the client. Some clients would be happy after the first session. We encourage our clients to begin with a thinner look before graduating to a thicker one. The golden rule in tattooing is that we can always add, it is more difficult to take away!’

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