Young Trauma Survivors Foundation: Helping Young People Face the World Again

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Cosmetic Transformations’ Young Trauma Survivors Foundation was formed in 2009 to help children who have been injured or are disfigured. Through the generosity of its donors, the foundation has provided services to children throughout North America and the world.

Every child who has been disfigured deserves a chance to have their appearance and confidence in themselves restored.

With your help they can!

“I will no longer be bullied because of my scarring and lip disfiguration from cleft palate surgery.  Kyla donated her time and the kindness of those who donated money for pigments and supplies helped me become more confident.  Now I want to help kids with cleft lips too!” – Ava Knott

Standing Up to Bullying

It’s an unfortunate reality that many young people face bullying because they look different from their peers, due to illness, surgery or trauma.

At Cosmetic Transformations we help young people who have disfigurements feel better about themselves, and our past clients further support them through their shining examples of triumphing over adversity and in standing up to bullying in all its forms.

Young Carly was so inspired by Ava’s videos and Ava’s cosmetic transformation, that she had her parents contact our office and then travelled across the country, from Calgary to Peterborough, to have her facial scarring tattooed by Kyla, whom she refers to as, ‘the butterfly lady!’

Carly is confident that one day her own story will help inspire young people the way Ava has done for her.

“Kyla restored my confidence! She not only tattooed my eyebrow back on, and tattooed the graft so that it matched my skin tone but she also simulated little freckles onto the graph to help everything blend better. Once the rest of the scarring has fully healed and turned white, I’ll be coming back for some more amazing tattooing!” – Kimmie

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