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“On behalf of the team I work with at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, I came to be trained by Kyla and her team at Cosmetic Transformations in Peterborough’s Medical Arts Clinic.

“I am excited to now be able to offer a higher level of artistry, and improved technical quality of tattoo work for our breast patients!

“Kyla and her team are amazing, and showed me step-by-step how to create safer and more realistic areola-nipple-complex simulations—they also took me through every aspect of caring for the patient so that I can offer improved quality of care at Sunnybrook.

“Kyla’s skill, artistry and attention to detail is only surpassed by her ability to connect and empathize with her clients.”

Liz Matheson, CCPA, BHSc and PA

Physician Assistant for the Divisions of Medical Oncology and Plastic Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

“I flew all the way from Australia to have my lip scarring expertly tattooed by Kyla – now I can smile confidently and have no need for make-up!”




“I thank God that I found Cosmetic Transformations—the decorative tattoo across my chest helped me feel like a woman again!”


“Kyla’s artistry helped me feel powerful and like a woman again! When Facebook took down my photo (believing Kyla’s 3-D tattoos were real nipples!) I successfully fought to have the photo reinstated and my photo taken by renowned photographer Danny Bailey, was included in Jules Casting’s Why We Ink contribution at the Royal Ontario Museum’s Tattoo Exhibition.”


“These tattoos are the part of the journey that was just for me.”


“Travelling from Newfoundland to Ontario to see Kyla and Carl was so very worth it! My tattoos make me feel complete and were the best way to end my journey with cancer! I feel renewed and excited about what the next chapter will bring!”


“I heard Kyla speak at BRA Day and she gave me hope that my complicated case could be salvaged through the optical illusion of symmetry with simulated areola tattoos.  I feel so much better about how my breasts look now!”


“My name is Esther and I came from Honduras to be tattooed by Kyla through the Friends of Honduran Children organization orchestrated by Dr. Iain Jamieson. She tattoo camouflaged my scarring, simulated lips to look pretty and did my eyebrows to direct attention to my eyes. She did all of this free of charge – God bless you Kyla!”


“I flew all the way from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to have tattoos done with the safe pigments in a medical facility.

“I’m so happy with my tattoos and Kyla and Carl made the whole experience magical and so very worth the journey!

“Putting my butterfly signifying my transformation on the Cosmetic Transformations globe made me teary-eyed and so very happy!”


“The scarring on my lip really bothered me.  With my Cosmetic Transformation now I do not have to stress about my lips—they look great now and are waterproof and worry-proof!”


“Kyla is a skilled practitioner who was able to make the most of my collapsed surgically reconstructed nipple nub and create a 3d illusion of protrusion that I’m so amazed by!”


“I’m overjoyed with how natural it looks. My face looked incomplete without eyebrows and these procedures have made me feel whole again. I also have more time in the mornings to be spending with my family rather than in front of the mirror!

“It saves me twenty minutes every morning – that’s twenty minutes more sleep every day!”


“The doctors may have saved my life but Kyla saved my quality of life.”


“For years after my accident I avoided looking in the mirror, the scars were simply too painful to look at ― they brought back memories of the accident and they made me look so hideous. Kyla helped me face myself and the world again.”


“Kyla is truly an exceptionally talented micropigmentation consultant with a passion for delivering outstanding results and a high level of customer service.”

Internationally recognized within the micropigmentation industry, Tracey, founder of Natural Enhancement UK, is acknowledged as a global innovator in her field. Together with her colleague, French plastic surgeon Jean Paul Tiziano, Tracey has lead the way forward in cosmetic and medical tattooing for over a decade.


Founder of Natural Enhancement UK

“I’m no longer ashamed of my breasts and my love life with my husband has consequently transformed.”


“People don’t stare at my hands anymore.”


“My scar is hardly noticeable now – Kyla even simulated freckles and little veins! And it feels better too! Because the tattooing procedure broke up the tissue and smoothed out the scar, it isn’t as tight or as itchy anymore.”


“Kyla gave me back my eyebrows and my confidence.”


“For years after the accident I was too afraid to look in the mirror, let alone leave the house.

“Cosmetic Transformations gave me my smile, and my life, back. I was able to finally leave my house and even get a job.

“When the occasional person stares at me now I smile in return. I’ve gotten back what I’d lost—not just my face but my way of life too, and that’s really powerful.

“Kyla made me smile again.”


“Travelling from Portugal to Peterborough changed my life – the scarring is hardly noticeable now and I can finally walk around without wearing a hat and feel like a ‘normal’ guy!”


“It is difficult for trans* people and LGBTQ people to access adequate healthcare regarding their appearance. I am a trans guy, and my chest surgery did not go as planned, as my nipples did not heal correctly. I was desperate to find an alternative to surgery, I began researching and I came across Cosmetic Transformations. I have been open about my gender identity from the start and they have been great, I was never referred to by the wrong name or pronoun. Trans* people need to be aware of the service Kyla provides. Kyla’s work enabled me feel in control of my life and confident in myself again.”


“These procedures (Hairstroke Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Barely-There Lip Liner) gave me control and confidence after cancer.”


“Following my stroke, the eyebrow, eyelash and lip procedures restored symmetry to my face and enhanced my life.”


“Kyla restored my confidence! She not only tattooed my eyebrow back on, and tattooed the graft so that it matched my skin tone but she also simulated little freckles onto the graph to help everything blend better. Once the rest of the scarring has fully healed and turned white, I’ll be coming back for some more amazing tattooing!” – Kimmie