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Pigmentation for Vitiligo

 Vitiligo [pronounced vit-ill-eye-go] is a skin disorder that affects people of all ethnicity and is considered to be caused by a deficiency in the melanocyte cells which produce the pigment that gives the skin its colour. The resulting loss of skin colour by vitiligo can be widespread or limited to a small area. But vitiligo that has been in remission for one year can be successfully pigmented by Kyla using medical micropigmentation. Kyla will match pigments to the variances in your natural skin tone and implant them into the hypo-pigmented areas (skin lacking colour) ―thereby diminishing the appearance of the vitiligo.

Vitiligo Camouflage

The success of the Pigmentation for Vitiligo procedure is dependent on the correct skin tone colours being selected to achieve a look that ‘merges’ into the surrounding skin.  In order to achieve optimal results, Kyla will create custom blends of pigment and may carry out several test patches on the vitiligo site.  After 6 weeks the colour will stabilize and you and Kyla will be able to decide on which of the patch test colours to proceed with.

Once the colours have been decided upon, Kyla will implant the pigments into the vitiligo sites using her Titian Wash™ technique.  This will mimic the subtle colour variations found in your natural skin.

Each pigmentation session normally takes one hour.  You may require only one treatment session, or multiple sessions if you have a larger area to cover or if your skin proves to be more resistant to the pigments.  Every person’s skin type, skin thickness, color level, and presence of thick or thin layers of scar tissue will cause pigments to absorb differently.  All of these factors are assessed during the consultation and test patch of treatment.  Kyla will take time to discuss your particular situation with you.

Micropigmented areas WILL NOT TAN, because the skin in the hypo-pigmented area (skin lacking colour) is no longer capable of tanning.  However, a re-pigmented area will be much less noticeable when you tan, and can be temporarily darkened with temporary tan products.

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